Thursday, March 5, 2015

Serious Spring Fever

Look at that! We are thisclose to Spring! And it's a good thing, with a record cold February I'm not sure how much more of this winter I can take!

I can feel the buzz of Spring just out of my grasp and I'm anxiously awaiting that first morning when I wake up and hear birds outside my window, that 'spring' smell in the air, that feeling that says, "Yes!! I've survived another miserable winter, it's over.done.finito!". We're close my friends.

I'll tell you what's also not helping my Spring Fever:

  1. Our numerous recent boat related purchases. Oh, no, they just make me more anxious for warmer weather and access to the boat. 
  2. The fact that at any time our spare bedroom might actually barf up all the gear we've had crammed and accumulating in there all winter and really make a mess to clean up. Serious attention needed in there pronto.
  3. Our approaching departure in FOUR months!! Need I say more?
Even my choice of boat bedding screams Spring Fever.
I'm desperate I tell ya!

Listen up and listen up good Spring: Get your rear in gear!


  1. Hear hear bring he spring here.... :-).

  2. Four months? That time will pass in a wink and blink. That feeling in the pit of your stomach when you leave the dock? It's great! Soon. Very Soon. Ken and Debra

    1. A blink and a wink is what I'm thinking too!!! And I'm sure the feeling of finally leaving will be great, I'll have had plenty of time and opportunity to have all the panic attacks before then :)