Monday, April 13, 2015

A Little More Counter Space

As you've probably hear a bajillion gazillion times, space on boat is limited, and that applies to horizontal space too. With the layout of your typical sailboat, galley space can be a little tight. We currently have one area of counter space that can be easily used for food prep but it happens to be directly above the fridge. And if you're anything like me, you constantly annoy yourself with not remembering every item you need from the fridge at one time. So that means I usually have to shove food over, wedge it in the corner or balance dishes on/in the sink multiple times....annoying. We just needed (and need is a strong word in the big picture) something that would give us a little more space, at least when we aren't using the stove.

Some boats come equipped with a stove cover that can provide a little extra 'counter' space but ours didn't. Luckily, there's a very simple, easy and cheap way to make your own.
Step 1: Have a stove
Step 2: Have a cutting board, cut to fit desired location on stove
Step 3: Install cutting board
We could have cut the board to fit within the metal frame but liked the option of having a little larger surface to work with.

Cheap, easy, fast. Now that's my favorite kind of boat project.


  1. Like it - great solution! Cheers - Ellen

  2. Good plan! Mark built a cover for ours - and I loved it before we moved on board. Now we're in and out of everything so much, I was having trouble finding where to put it. I still have it - but need to find a storage solution for when I need the stove... It is FANTASTIC extra workspace, so I will figure it out :) Keep updating us on your progress!

    1. We have a nice little spot under the stove where we keep other cutting boards and our big fry pan that we could put the cover. What about putting yours under your sink somewhere? :)

    2. Ours is way too big - but we will eventually figure it out. Our Magma pots are under our sink, and our trash. And a plunger. And trash bags. ;)