Wednesday, April 29, 2015


As our departure nears, people are asking more questions, rightly so. Most of them are asked with a bit of astonishment, disbelief and genuine curiosity. Some are accompanied by looks of disdain or disapproval, and that's okay too, it's just another chance to educate people and let them see where we're coming from and why we're doing this crazy adventure to begin with. Here's what we've been getting asked lately:

1. How do you shower on board?

We have a shower on the boat in the head. However, the area in which showering would take place is in front of the toilet itself and would require a Cirque du Soleil balancing acting to reach your toes and don't even think about having elbow room to scrub your hair. And even if you manage to use the shower it can end up putting a lot of moisture in the boat which can then lead to mold issues. No thanks. We'll be showing in the cockpit/on the deck and depending on where we're at we'll either use our Solar Shower exclusively or jump in the water, scrub, rinse and use the Solar Shower for a fresh water rinse. Marina facilities (as rare as we hope them to be) or a bucket for a quick dunk and scrub isn't out of the question either. As you can see we have options!

How do we shower? Like this.
2. What about water?

We hold 80 gallons of water in the tank and may carry 5-10 extra gallons in jerry jugs as well. We have pressurized water which means that it comes from the tap just like at home, except that you'll hear the water pump kick on if the water runs more than a 10 or 15 seconds. We also have a water heater that we can turn on when motoring or using our generator so we can have hot, and I mean hot, water if/when we need it. If Ron expects me to shower regularly when we're in the North Channel, this little gem might get some significant use!

3. How will you get food?

From stores and markets of course! We'll stock up on foods where it's convenient and get more when we're in places with stores. Although we might find some slim pickings we won't go hungry. People living there have to eat don't they? And I for one am really excited about exploring fresh foods at local markets and trying new fresh, healthy food options. We're also hoping to use all of the great fishing gear we had given to us (thanks again Mike and Linda!!) to catch some delicious, fresh seafood. And I'm looking forward to trying out a Hawaiian Sling to spear some fish (especially those pesky but tasty lion fish), catching lobster and collecting conch. Yeah, it's going to be rough ;)

As fresh as it gets
Image here

4. How will Lexie go to the bathroom?

Yup, still getting this one...a lot. But it's a very reasonable question and people want to know! You can find those details out in our 'Poopdeck' post.

5. What about health insurance? 

Trust me, I got this Come-To-Jesus talk from my dad when I told him we're not going to have health insurance while on our trip. For most people here that seems insane, I know. But we're doing so knowing that we are both very healthy individuals who do not have any kind of chronic or ongoing medical issues that need regular attention. And for those that aren't really familiar with other countries' health care; it's not only pretty decent (which I could strongly argue the opposite for the U.S.) but it's affordable....without insurance. That being said, I am still planning on looking into some catastrophic insurance plans to see if they would be worth the cost/coverage. Boat insurance- YES! Health insurance- NO. Priorities my friends, priorities. 
We don't need no stinking health insurance!
Hopefully this answered some of your questions, if not, let me know and I'll be sure to answer it soon! If you've been asked some crazy questions I want to hear about those too, they're always entertaining!


  1. I love the Weakness Coupons pic! I am glad to hear that we aren't the only adults (I think?!) still getting stern talking-tos from the parents. Meanwhile, the medical kit is probably better then going to the hospital; and there is always duct tape - which fixes anything! ;)
    Stacey on sv Smitty

    1. Hi Stacey, I couldn't resist the pic! And I think you're right, we could have saved a lot of money on the medical kit if we'd gone with just duct tape.

  2. Lori and me have used our sun shower for years in the wilderness, most recently kayaking in the North Channel. Love It
    Your two favorite Public Health Docs will provide free, long distance health care!

  3. I've been following your blog for a little while and I'm SO excited for you guys! I love love love that you post the real stuff like this in getting ready to head out. My hubs and I are from UT and have taken sailing lessons here on UT lake (Bonneville School of Sailing) and LOVED it so much it instantly became our dream to one day do what you two (3) are doing. We have our little's though and I'm not about to home school from a cramped boat. HAHA! Some day though, and thanks to your posts like this hopefully I might even be a smidgen prepared. ;) Good luck guys!

    1. Hi Alyse! I'm so glad to hear that at least some of what we post is helpful to someone ;) It's amazing how just one little sail can give you 'the bug' right?! Best of luck in your preparations and if you have ANY questions let me know! ~Jackie

  4. Hey! Great post. For showers we do the same thing with the solar shower. You can fill it with hot water and simple shower outside, SO much easier. Having said that we do still sometimes, and everytime when it was cold shower in the vberth just out of a bowl of hot water. The hair washing is a separate thing though and I need my own session for doing that indoors. I kneel on the floor over a large bucket and tip my head over it and wash it that way.

    We also feel the same way about health insurance. We don't have it and find that healthcare out here is SO much cheaper, way cheaper. Make sure you figure the obamacare penalties out. We are exempt because we are out of the country for more than 330 days a year and also won't make enough money (none) to be required to file an income tax return, though we still will. Just keep that in mind when you leave and when you do your taxes next year.

    As for funny questions...I got one from a very non sailor person who asked "So do you just stay at hotels every time you get to land?" I think they imagined we'd be crossing large bodies of water in something akin to a skiboat. LOL. Still makes me laugh. (added you guys to our friends page;)

  5. Oh, funny questions a-plenty. One guy stopped this weekend - WHILE a wiener was peeing on the pee pad and asked if they really use it. And I really wanted to say no...

    And the comment from Dani ( ^^^ )reminded me of my mom asking me (via FB) if we were going to make it to the dock before the rain started - while we were offshore. Way offshore with land barely in sight. In a different state. So no, we didn't make it. But I love all of their interest and try to teach them as we (slowly) learn!

    We are currently using our showers while living at the dock (you should see the lovely shade of brown river water here in Savannah). Yoga is mighty handy in the head. And the occasional "land shower" now confuses me when I have to decide if I should turn the water off and on between lathering/rinsing etc. Oh, the fun of boat life!