Thursday, April 16, 2015

High and Dry: Testing Out Some Boat Gear in Utah

I recently made the trip out to Utah to see my brother and, since we usually end up doing quite a bit of hiking in sunny weather, I thought this would be an opportune time to try out a few things I'd bought for cruising.  Why let these fun things sit unused any longer, right? They have the same uses....they just got used in a little different type of environment this time around ;)

1. Outdoor Research Oasis Sombrero Hat - Okay, so I can't really pull off the look with this hat but I.LOVE.IT. The wide brim of the hat keeps the sun off your face and neck and, for me, that helps me not only stay cooler but avoid headaches from squinting. And boy does it help you stay cooler! I've never been a big hat wearer, but I noticed quite a difference in temperature when I let my mom try it out...I wanted it back ;) Plus, it has a nice elastic band that allows you to adjust the size of the hat to fit your head. It also stayed very clean, even with all the dust it was subjected to. This thing is a winner!

2. Guide Series Women's Quick Dry Trophy Fishing Shirt - I love being in the sunshine...without always being in the sunshine. I wore this shirt while doing some moderately intense hiking (meaning: sweating a lot) without ever feeling like it was clingy or sticky or wanting to take it off. They aren't kidding when they say quick-dry! I barely had time to sweat before the shirt wicked it away and not for a second did the shirt ever feel wet. I'm so glad I have a couple of these for the boat...but now that I know how nice they are (and how affordable --> ~$20) I may need to get another fun color. Ron also has a couple that I'm sure he'll be using too. A sure staple in our closet cubby that we'll shove clothes into!

They call me....Panama Jackie
No, really, that name stuck for the whole trip
 3. High Sierra Propel Hydration Pack - We plan to do a lot of hiking on our trip and wanted to get some sort of hydration pack to take with us - without paying the price that comes with brands like Camelbak. These High Sierra bags are small enough to not weigh you down but also come with space for storing items you want with you either in a zippered or mesh pocket (it even has a built-in helmet strap - not that we need it). The mouth piece is ready to go (unlike others that require you to cut your own) and easy to use although I wish it had some sort of cap/cover over it when it's not in use. The waist clip is comfortable and I never had an issue with the  shoulder straps slipping or moving even when climbing. I was initially concerned about it not having a strap across the chest but it was never an issue. For less than 1 Camelbak we got 2 great bags ($25 each) that we can't wait to use.

4. Keen Owyhee Water Sandal - I also got these water sandals for the boat thinking they'd be great for hiking and going in and out of water. I didn't wear them hiking this time around as I was concerned about the sand getting in them (which really annoys me) with no water to rinse them out. However, I did have a moment of pure gracefulness and managed to step in the water while playing on rocks in one of the rivers and can say that the sandals dried pretty quickly and were still comfortable to wear walking while wet. Clumsiness aside, I'll save a real review for them for later.
So excited to start using all our stuff!

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