Monday, April 27, 2015

Hijacked Medical Kit Supplies

So glad we put Halls and Alka-Seltzer Cold/Sinus in there 
Spring allergies are in full swing for me. Well, it could be spring allergies and a lack of sleep from a full weekend of bachelorette-partying it up. Whatever it is, I'm glad that we still have our stocked up medical kit at home so I can raid our stash now and get feeling better asap. We have lots of things coming up that I really don't want to deal with while under the weather. The med kit may need replenishing before it even gets on the boat!


  1. Don't see any Pepto pink in that kit. It is great to kill bugs in the gut from bad water. We did fine, except when we made the mistake of eating a salad. Both got the problem. Pepto does wonders. I would even take a slug before eating out. Ice or salad will get you. Ken

    1. We have pepto in pill form, it's in there....somewhere. But pepto only helps the symptoms (which can be awful!), we'll also be packing antibiotics to kill the bug should we run into the issue. Trust me, I follow up on GI infections for a living, we've got the pepto! ;)