Thursday, April 23, 2015

How Many Times Can I Say 'Lines' in a Single Post???

Lines, lines, lines. You need a lot of them on a boat. Docking, raising and lowering sails, anchoring, holding stuff in down, holding stuff apart, holding stuff together, you need a lot of line. The challenge is how to keep all these lines organized and accessible so you don't find yourself fighting a rat's nest at a very inopportune time.
We currently have our dock lines stowed in a small cubby under the back cockpit bench. With all the other lines and fenders we have in there, getting just one thing out can be a little tricky. As much as we hate clutter and crap stacked up, we know that some of that is inevitable, but for our sanity we need to avoid it where at all possible. Luckily, we have a pretty easy fix for a few lines.

We've been eyeing line organizers for a while and trying to figure out what we wanted to do. Then we saw these nifty things that you can stick just about anywhere. How nice to just lift the lid and grab a neatly coiled line right? That reminds me, I need to work on my coiling skills, I think I do so well until I go to grab it next time and it's just a blob of rope.
We opted to put ours on the inside of the lazarette lid for easy access that's still out of the way. And for about $5 we can get more if we like them.

And speaking of lines, we also needed line organization for the cockpit, which can quickly get swallowed up by the main sheet alone when sailing. Slipping, tripping, rolling ankles on line is not good. And.Drives.Me.Nuts. The Command Strip cord organizers were recommended by....someone I can't remember, so for a couple of bucks we'll give it a shot. They have a lower profile than many other options which is nice since repeatedly hitting our heads on a hard plastic knob would get old pretty fast (they're going on a surface we often lean back on when relaxing in the cockpit). We'll get these up soon and let you know how they do.

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