Monday, April 20, 2015

Into the Blue...Water Tank

After cutting the inspection ports and installing the covers Ron got busy washing down the tank in vinegar to 1) break down the chalky chunks where the aluminum had started corroding and 2) prep the tank for painting. We gave it a final acetone wipe down and got busy.  
NSP 120 Epoxy
NSP 120 is a 2-part epoxy, and very thick as we found out when we opened the base. We mixed up a small quantity every few minutes as we didn't want to get stuck with it curing while we were still trying to put it on. It was already enough of an awkward, painful, exhausting arm wrestling match trying to mash the epoxy in all the corner welds around the entire tank. And all from 4 little ports that aren't big enough to fit your arm, head and a flashlight, all of which were necessary to see what the heck you were doing. Oh, yeah, and I was the lucky one who got to contort herself way up in the very V of the v-berth. I'm still feeling it with sore knees, elbows and muscles.
Thick stuff...but a nice pretty color ;)
Once we moved from brushing to rolling on the epoxy things went much smoother. Application should be anywhere from 5mm-25mm per the manufacturer and we figured we had a whole quart, why not use it all? So we did. That tank is now sealed up better than Fort Knox. No more corrosion in there!
 We did have some crystallization in the base, probably from sitting in our cold spare bedroom all winter, but found that the more we stirred it up (and the warmer it got) the better it was, not perfect, but better.
We got a little messy
In our hour of desperation trying to get the job done a flashlight, a cushion, our arms and my hair were all compromised. Fortunately acetone makes for a  pretty easy clean-up. And now it's done, let's hope it works!

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