Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bustin' Our Hineys and Now We've Got Gas!

Propane locker in the lazarette, a thing of beauty!
We've been making some progress over this last week, which is always a good thing and we're on our way to getting comfortable in our new home. We've got most of our stuff on board (mostly put away) and we're ticking away at the little tasks we have time for while waiting for some good weather to put on some bottom paint.

I've been mostly organizing stuff but Ron has really been getting down to business finishing the propane conversion project. He installed the propane locker in the lazarette, attached the tank holder on the rail, hooked up the solenoid and got everything connected. Phew! And now I can happily tell you that we've got (LP) gas!
It's aliiiiiiiiiive!
We don't have the refrigeration hooked up yet as we're still waiting for our solar panels, but it will be nice to be able to prepare some sort of meal on board again...and have coffee....dear lord, we need the coffee!


  1. Looking Good! Making progress, Yay...

  2. Congrats on having gas! Oh how heating water for coffee is a necessity!