Friday, June 26, 2015

Our Go-To Boat Meal

Do not attempt without supervision
Over time everyone develops their go-to meal, whether it's on land or water, something that is easy to throw together in a pinch and doesn't require a step by step recipe or various exotic ingredients to complete. Given that we grill very regularly while on the boat, it would only make sense that this meal be grill worthy right? 
Our usual fixin's
And there is nothing more grill worthy than a hodge podge of different meats and veggies all cooked together? At least in my mind. Enter the ::::Tin foil dinner::: And my favorite part of this meal is that you can put whatever you want in it. Depending on our moods and what we already have on hand, we switch it up all the time. What's in season? What's on sale? Well, that's what's going in the tin foil dinner.
Cut up the ingredients, make the meat balls, put a dab of butter on the bottom, add some spices and pile it all on a piece of tin foil. Then grill it!
Ready for the grill
The key to a perfect tin foil dinner is to make sure and wrap all the edges nice and don't want any of those tasty juices getting out!
 Top with your favorite condiment(s) and dig in! Nothing says "I'm on a boat" to me like a tin foil dinner!


  1. I make these at home - they are such a cinch!

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    1. Hi Tom! I'm glad you enjoying my random ramblings :) If you want to be notified of new posts you can sign up for email notifications (on the right sidebar labeled "follow by email", like us on Facebook....or both! And if there's any specific questions you have just let us know!