Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Home Stretch!

It's time for this space hog to get out of the boat!
Kyocera 255 watt solar panel
We are SO close!! Fingers crossed, we should be ready to depart on the fourth....that would be four days from now. Whoah. Of course, what would a grand cruising departure be if there wasn't a little tension and anxiety involved? We've got the anxiety down, with each passing day we know we're getting close to leaving but it still doesn't feel like it. And oddly enough, that is what's causing my anxiety.

And we're still waiting on a couple last minute items. Namely, we're waiting for the connectors for the solar panel to go on the davits. Of course until that's up and running we can't really use our refrigeration system. We've had it running a little while motoring and it seems to be working but it would be really nice to be able to kick that on more than a day before we leave.

Then somewhere in all this we still need to go get food, which is a little more tricky to do when you don't have a fridge to store the cold stuff. We may end up doing an initial provisioning run for non-cold items and go back for those needing to go in the fridge later.

Toss in a dentist appointment, my last day of work and we've got a full week my friends! But, in a few short days we'll be out of here and living by our own clock and that kind of puts things in perspective.


  1. Testing..................dean

    1. Received loud and clear Dean! :)

    2. Ohhhhhh, Dean...as in Stepmonster! Haha, duh. Glad you figured it out, now you can comment ALL THE TIME ;)