Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Utilizing Space

Space on a boat is at a premium, ask anyone. So utilizing what space is available, especially when you'll be living on the boat full time, is not just a matter of practicality but sanity. We now have almost all our clothes on the boat, the v-berth shelves are chocked full and we've both got stacks of more that need a place to go. And it's not just clothes that need space; bathroom gear, towels and random items also need space too.

We've had to start thinking about space a little differently, in particular, looking at vertical spaces and which ones we could take over. In order to accommodate our stuff we decided to add some shelves to a couple of our tall (and rather unusable) lockers.

Hanging locker mock-up
Mock-up in the head locker
Since nothing on a boat is square or even symmetrical, we made some patterns from cardboard to work from. Then we cut, stained and installed the shelves and voila! Storage space galore!
One of a couple tool cabinets
Our closet!
And no, that's not shoddy work from Ron. The shelves are actually level, it's just the weird shape of the cabinet making it look a

With just a few shelves we went from almost being swallowed up in our boat to it starting to feel like home. It's amazing what a little organization can do to my mood!

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