Monday, June 22, 2015

We're Getting There!

New vs. Old rope clutch
The good news is that we're in the slings. The bad news is that we have to sit in those slings until Monday to go in the water. Which isn't really that bad considering we're using that time to sand, prime and paint where the cradle pads covered the bottom.

Knowing Friday was 'sling' day, we've been busy getting the rest of the projects done that have to be completed before we can splash, like installing the macerator - which requires us to put a hole in the bottom of the boat. A little easier to do on land, if you know what I mean. In case you're unaware, the macerator pumps our waste overboard when we're at sea. Pleasant to think about, no? But pleasantries aside, it's a necessary piece of equipment as, unlike here in the Great Lakes where pumping overboard is illegal and pump out stations at marinas are plentiful, down south it's a different story. I for one don't want to be sailing around with a maxed out holding tank and no where to 'go'. 

And we've been doing more stuff like upgrading rope clutches and seacocks, installing refrigeration, cleaning and organizing, planning for the next few upcoming projects and preparing to be actual, full-time liveaboards!! It never ends, but I'm not complaining....much.

Y-valves and tubing and macerator pump, oh my!
We put our first hole in the boat.
The thru-hull for the macerator. Ew.
After hours of running hoses and wire...this is it???
On to the next (dozen)!


  1. Replies
    1. That we are, the list is never ending and then we discover a new issue to deal with!

  2. Wow can't wait to see you get under way hope you got in today with the storms and all. How are you planning on exiting the Great Lakes?

    1. We got in nice and early before the storms. We think we're going down the St. Mary's and out the Erie Canal but if Huron is high enough we might consider cutting through Canada's Trent-Severn and Oswego Canals to the Erie. We'll have to see!

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  4. Can't imagine myself working on a project as complicated as this one! How did it go, by the way?

    1. It really wasn't that complicated- so Ron says- the hardest part was trying to get the dang hose on the fittings in the tight space we had to work in! Warming it up with a blow dryer helped ;)