Friday, July 17, 2015

Lake Charlevoix

We spent a few days in Lake Charlevoix waiting out a few storms (that really didn't end up being much) before crossing to Beaver Island. So what did we do? Let me show you.
We had our first hot weather and hid from the sun...
Played on the SUP...
Lexie too. So much easier to get her back up on than the dinghy!
Although it doesn't look like it.
Since we had two days to wait out some weather we decided to make the 12 mile trip to Boyne City at the other end of the lake. Thanks to Active Captain (which we're learning the true value of), we anchored right near a park with a little beach for Lexie to swim at and just up the street was a grocery store...and laundry mat. Oh, the things you start to notice once you're cruising - public bathrooms, laundry mats, garbage can locations, Mutt Mitt dispensers...
Is this not the most awesome tug you've ever seen?!?
Boyne City even had a handy Shopper's Dock where you could park for easy access to the shops and stores. Very handy.
With the weekend over, and the traffic back to normal, we headed back to Round Lake to anchor and wait out some storms and once again visit Charlevoix. The lake itself is pretty deep and the shallowest we could anchor in and still have swing room was 42 feet. We let out plenty of scope but our swing still put is fairly close to shore and the uber fancy boats these rich people have. Like this guy, co-founder of Four Winns boats (and his 8,000 sq ft attached boathouse).

Anchored in Round Lake

Just a little guy docked at the municipal marina


  1. I see Jackie has been wearing her sunscreen and Ronnie hasn't! Miss you both, maybe Jackie a slight bit more than you though Ronnie. I can hear the bickering over the sunscreen now.....Love you two!

    1. Darn right I have, gotta keep those freckles under control! And you know that I ask Ron EVERY time about putting on sunscreen...he's getting better but still needs nagging ;) Love and miss you too!