Thursday, July 9, 2015

Laundry Day

Our view on laundry day
The other day we did our first load of laundry since leaving. I had previously thought that laundromats were these dark, dim, seldom used places of business. Guess I was wrong on that!

We walked into the laundromat conveniently located across the street from our anchorage in Frankfort and was shocked to find it full, on a Tuesday afternoon nonetheless. We quickly snagged that last open washer and threw our stuff in. At $3.75/load just for the washer it wasn't cheap so what wouldn't fit in we kept in the laundry bag to wash back on the boat (more info on that coming up). When we came back all the driers were full so, in true cruiser fashion, we hung our clothes on the lifelines to dry. It's free and you get that fresh air scent. Yes, please!
Classy, no?
And if you really want that fresh air, accelerated drying cycle just do your laundry on a day with 30kt gusts. Good thing our clothespins held on tight, no articles lost this day!