Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Muskegon to Frankfort

Four days of cruising down. We've had ups, downs and all the every-which-ways you can imagine but with every passing day our little boat becomes more and more like home and we get a little more knowledgeable and experienced in the cruising life. I thought that adjusting to full-time, no-going-back life on the boat would have been a little harder but I'm pleasantly surprised to find that everyone here is settling in just fine!
I'd say she's doing okay
Since leaving Muskegon on Saturday we've been moving everyday so now that we're here in Frankfort it feels good to just take a couple days to stay in one place. It's amazing how just a few days of being constantly on the move can be so tiring! Or maybe it's just me. 

I tend to kick back, relax, and watch the water (for hours) while sailing. Ron on the other hand is constantly moving and doing stuff. Which is great, he gets a lot done while I don't have to do anything. Don't judge, we're both happy and it works for us. Haha
It took Ron a whole 15 minute of slogging along at 2kts to start 'fiddlin'
More fiddlin'...trolling with a saltwater lure on 80lb test line...
in fresh water. Weird, we didn't catch anything.
After a couple days on under 10kts of wind and sailing at 2-3kts, we were looking forward to 15-25kts. The winds were forecast to start low and build all day and be pretty nasty by the evening so we started out motoring at 5am. Around 8am we were motorsailing and by about 10am we were cruising along nicely in 13kts of wind with only the sound of water sluicing around the hull. SO much better than listening to the engine rumbling (although I'm glad it rumbles when we want it to!).

The wind built and built until we were in 20kts with our destination directly downwind. Our boat cuts upwind like nobody's business but one thing she doesn't do so well is go down wind, especially when there are big waves behind us...she tends to corkscrew back and forth and keeping a consistent heading is nearly impossible. The poor autopilot couldn't keep up battling the waves so we were hand steering for the majority of the trip. I steered a little bit but fighting the waves was pretty tiring (probably because I tend to fight the motion of the boat too much) and Ron ended up steering a majority of the time. God bless him, I was not having fun behind the helm towards the end and he really took one for the team.

By the end of our 12 hour trip we both were mentally and physically exhausted and, to be honest, a little snippy and cranky with each other. We needed some sleep!
How do 4-6 footers look flat in pictures?!?!
This was during the 'not fun' part...
if you can't tell by my death grip on the wheel
However bad the wind was on Monday from the South, that night winds switched to the North and started blowing 20-30kts. Brrrrr! Today is definitely a worse day to be out than yesterday, glad we're staying put!
Sunny but COLD!
At least we had the beach pretty much to ourselves
It's been FAR too long since Lex has had some quality beach digging time
Remember that fabulous dog beach that I've mentioned about a million times? Yeah, it's gone!! Last time we stopped there was at least 20 feet of beach and now the water is up to the beach grass, which is protected - ie) you're not supposed to walk all over it. Guess that's to be expected when the lake level is up a significant amount (around a foot???) right? Since we had the beach to ourselves we hugged the far edge of the people only beach and let Lexie cut loose.
That little bay just past Ron and Lexie used to be the dog beach
Loving the freedom to roam
I think her age magically cuts in half when she gets on the beach, she's like a whole new dog!
The weather for the next couple days looks pretty good, we're not sure if we're going to stay another day to enjoy the beach or take the opportunity to head to South Manitou...choices, choices.


  1. Yay for a progress update! Lexie looks so happy. I love happy puppies! :)
    We just spent a week out and you're right - it's exhausting at times. But totally worth it. I'm sure you guys will get into a rhythm that works for you, rest-wise. So excited for you!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Yeah, Lex does pretty well out here, thankfully. I'm excited to read about your week out and about too, it's fun to see the little things you pick up from just a short trip :)

  2. Too bad it's cold... it'll warm up when you start getting more south. Think of the positives - you could be working :P