Friday, July 10, 2015

Northward Progress

We left Frankfort under motor and almost no wind, which we expected, but as time went on the wind picked up enough to do a little sailing. We were bound for South Manitou Island for the night. The only problem is that pets are not allowed on the island, that's a little bit of a conundrum for us so Ron came up with the idea to swing by Sleeping Bear Dunes and let Lex play on one of the dog beaches there then go to South Manitou for the night...genius! 
Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes...
true size not captured in picture ;)
Yes, this IS Lake Michigan!
Playing on the beach
We made it to South Manitou just in time to start out on our 7 mile hike Ron came up with on the way over. There are miles and miles of trails that wind through the island passing by an old schoolhouse, cemetery, and old buildings from when the island was inhabited full time. Now the island is a nature preserve of sorts that has various campsites for tenting and a handful of cabins that can be rented.
Yup, STILL Lake Michigan
Very pristine nature on the island
The one thing Ron wanted to see, the Old Growth Cedars
Don't ask, I have no idea where this came from...
Shipwreck just offshore
Looking from South Manitou to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes
Still Lake Michigan (haha)
 After our 7 mile hike our dogs were barking!! By the time we got back to the dinghy (and done speed-walking from the mosquitoes), all we wanted to do was dip our feet in the cold water. And take a nap. It would have been nice to spend another day on the island and finish hiking it but, alas, we had to keep moving. And Lexie might have just jumped overboard to get to shore by then. So onward we go!

Also, sorry all you get is Ron's ugly mug in most of the shots, that's what happens when I'm the one with the camera 90% of the time ;) We'll work on it!


  1. Love the detour/exploring! Keep on having fun. :)

  2. So I Googled these sand dunes because I had never heard of them... wow! They look so neat & exotic. I would love to see them someday. Are you guys planning on stopping at Mackinac Island? I loved it there but need to plan a trip back as I don't remember it all :/ Praying for you all!

    1. Oh yes, these sand dunes are a big "must see"! I highly suggest them ;) As far as Mackinac Island goes, we're not sure if we're stopping or not. We've both been there lots of times (although not recently) and it requires a marina stay. It might be a good throwback to our childhoods though, we'll see!

  3. I have just one question....where were again? :) SO HAPPY to see you guys out cruising!!