Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Poker Run Fun

 Unbeknownst to us our next destination, Charlevoix, was in the midst of not only an art fair that made the town boom, but also a charity poker run which included dozens of go-fast boats zooming all over. The poker run, in case you were unaware, includes 5 predetermined destinations where participants get a card at each stop. The winner is the one with the best hand in the end so it's not really a race but you can't tell me these people are out blowing big money on fuel for no reason. It's like when there are two (or more) sailboats buddy's always a race to the next place!

On our way to Charlevoix the boats passed us going south and (way) before we made it there the boats were already on their way back from their 80 mile trip to Traverse City. It was a little loud (which got annoying after a while) but it was a sight to see, tons of boats flying by us, helicopters filming overhead, it was nuts! Then there were tons of spectator boats out watching the run too. The town sure has woken up since our last visit two years ago in early May to bring Hullabaloo home for the first time, that sleepy, quaint little town was now teaming with people and boats.
I was pretty nervous going into the channel, trying to time the bridge with all the other boats crammed in and going every which way but Ron seemed pretty calm and comfortable with it. In fact, the most irritating part of it may have been me and my endless  "do you see them?", "watch out for..." and "they're slowing down" comments. But we made it! And when we got into Round Lake we were even more in awe..
They may be crazy loud, but at least they're pretty
We went through Round Lake to Lake Charlevoix to find a place to anchor and ended up just down from Irish Boatshop where we bought the boat. It seemed a little bit full circle at that point and pretty crazy that just over two years ago we were watching her go in the water and feeling like giddy little kids on Christmas morning and now here we are...cruising on her!

Being the people watching addicts that we are we had a blast anchored just down from the boat launch where all the go-fasters were pulling their boats out. Seriously, I think we sat on the deck snacking and people watching for at least 2 hours. Pretty entertaining...yeah, we know how to have a good time ;)


  1. it seems that I have found your blog at the perfect time; I get to sail along with the three of you from the very beginning. My wife and I are just beginning to plan our own great sail (forever money, boat compromise, health insurance, etc...). Love the posts. Side note: hate penis boats; they may look nice but they are also loud and stinky just like most men (me included).

    1. Welcome aboard Don! Glad you're able to follow along (and enjoying it!). You're right about the boats, even when some were idling near the boat launch they were still stupid LOUD. I'm not sure how it doesn't drive the owners crazy - although they probably only hear a small amount compared to everyone else. I also tend to think that the bigger the boat, the smaller the owner's junk ;)

  2. That is so neat that you've come full circle with the boat. You're boats probably like "Hey, that's where I'm from! And look at me NOOOOW!"

    (I tend to give inanimate objects personalities. I blame movies like Cars. And The Brave Little Toaster.)

  3. One constant we found on our travels. Those big cigar boats (big speed boats for the non-boating) always seemed to have two big pot belly hairy guys in mid-50 to 60s with a beer in one hand and a bigger cigar clenched in their mouth. With usually two or three 20-something tiny bikini babes with huge artificial chest looking bored or annoyed their hair is getting mussed. Fun to predict the details when you hear them in the distance. And boy can you hear them on the water. Ken