Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Misty Mac

Watching for the next "big one" coming at our beam
Both Ron and I have traveled over the Mackinac Bridge countless times on our way to/from family vacations "up north" going to or through the Upper Penninsula but we have been waiting for the chance to sail under the Mackinac Bridge since we started planning our little escape and today is the day we get to do it, cross it off our bucket list, stick a fork in it it's done!!

The day started off pretty exciting when we left the protected, quiet harbor Beaver Island at 6am and were immediately hit with 18-23kt winds. And rain. We didn't really mind, actually it was kind of fun. We got to get our rain gear on and sail for the first time in a rather intense environment. The the rain came harder and I had to wipe my face every few seconds as if I'd just come up from underwater. No biggie, still kind of fun and still pretty warm...otherwise I would have had some issues with the situation ;) We sailed the lumpy seas with a double reefed main and our old faithful engine purring us along as we took waves on the beam - ie.) it was a rolly ride!
Rockin' and rollin'
Note: Lexie is comfortably cocooned in her blanket, oblivious to the world around her
Snug as a bug
Then the wind and waves calmed down enough to put full sails up and finally shut the engine off. That may be my favorite thing in the world, that moment when the engine goes silent and all you hear is the hull pushing through the water. Only now we were still cruising at over 6kts (8ish mph, yeah, that's fast for us) and we thought, "sweet, we're gonna be able to sail right under the bridge!". And that's right about when the wind completely died and the fog started moving in. Que a little mist, then a lot of mist and more fog and the closer to the bridge we got the less of it we could see. Major sad face. What happened to all the fun pictures and poses I had planned (just ask Ron, I had plans)?!?

Instead of sunny skies, champagne-filled glasses and big smiles we got eerie silhouettes, frizzy hair (me) and cold noses (okay, we still smiled), but you know what, WE DID IT! Bye bye Lake Michigan, hello Lake Huron...and the North Channel! Yahoo!

Pretty huh?
There's supposed to be a bridge right here
Found it!
UNDER the bridge!


  1. That moment when you kill the engine and can actually hear the boat cutting through the water? Bliss. The moment when it stops and visibility disappears? Not so much.

  2. I was looking forward to this post! I have finally been somewhere you have - the bridge! Except, I only got to drive on it - you got to sail under it! So neat.