Thursday, July 2, 2015

We Love Local!

Last week while changing out our impellers and doing some engine maintenance, one of the screws in the water pump quite literally snapped in half. Initially we thought it would be no big deal, with all the marinas around here, and ours being a certified Volvo service provider, somebody has to carry something like this. We were wrong. Marinas? Nope. Home Depot? Nope. West Marine? Nope.

Oh, sure, someone could order the part for us and we could have in "5-7 days" but the problem was that this all happened on a Saturday. Yup, the one right before the Monday that we were scheduled to launch...first thing in the morning. Of course.

What we needed was a local shop.  You know, the kind of shop where you can hear all the tinkering and repair work being done in the back, the kind that has various parts and pieces stuffed into every little nook and cranny, where it smells like stale cigarettes from years back and most of the merchandise has a nice yellow aged tint to it. That kind.

And boy did we find it! We walked in and a father/daughter duo found something that would work in a matter of minutes. No, "wellllll, this might work" or "we can order that for you, be here in 5-7 days" business. Nope, we had the screw right in our hands, ready to go. And you know you've really hit the local jackpot when you ask how much for the part and in return are given a lifted brow look and told that there is no charge because he didn't want to get on the computer and mess up the 'inventory'.

Needless to say we've been back a couple more times. The last time was the best; we needed a main jet gasket for our dinghy motor. The daughter pulled up the engine schematic and we found the part but she wasn't sure if that was really it. She poked her head out the back door, called her dad and the second she pointed the part out to him he rattled of the part number specific to that that motor, which happened to be a 1973/1974 Johnson 5hp long shaft. I think my jaw hit the ground, did I just witnessed the local Rainman in action? I think so.

I'm a little bummed we didn't find this place sooner. And I certainly hope we find many more like this in the future!

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  1. dontcha just love those places? the only caveat, usually you are in a rush to get the part installed and miss the opportunity to thoroughly embrace the magic of the micro culture they have created. knowledge, wisdom and sage right at your fingertips to access. AND before you know is time to shove off. Going with you are the blessings they willingly shared. Kindness of the human spirit is everywhere we look, especially when you can "slow" down long enough to experience it. Fair Winds to you both....and continued blessings, scott