Thursday, August 27, 2015

More Lakes and Rivers and Passing by the "D"

So you know where I'm talking about ;)
Leaving Lake Huron was kind of tough for us. Call us crazy but leaving the cool, clear, fresh waters of Lake Huron and the North Channel, one of the top ten cruising areas in the world, gave us a moment of pause. Obviously we can't stay too long as the cruising season is pretty short here, but do we need to leave now??? The answer was, "yes", but it still wasn't easy to do. It's easy to see how people spend decades exploring the area and never get sick of it.

Entering the St. Claire River
Alas, we were pushing south. We anchored out in Lake St. Claire with extremely limited options of anchorages (as in none). We had to sneak Lexie to shore and spent the night bouncing around in the waves from all the boats. And I personally spent the night poking my head out of the front hatch making sure boats weren't coming too close, which they were a couple times in my opinion. But we survived. My advice- don't anchor here ;)

Sharing the road water
Old factory on the Detroit River. Creepy right?!?
The next morning, ready to get outta there, we headed for the Detroit River with Lake Erie as our destination.
A different view of the Detroit skyline
We made it down the river, dodging freighters and other boats and emerged in Lake Erie. It was so nice out that we couldn't help but sail for a few hours...even though it was in the wrong direction (I think this is a repeating theme here, no?).  Hey, sometimes you gotta take what you can get!
Lake Erie!
Now it's time to turn our bow east and keep this party goin'!

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