Tuesday, August 11, 2015

North Channel Magic

After picking up our pseudo-courtesy flag in Blind River, we headed over to Turnbull Island in calm waters. With a spotter on the bow keeping a lookout for submerged rocks, we weaved our way in. We found someone in the spot we were hoping to get so we backtracked a little and got tucked in to a nice cozy nook all our own. It worked out better anyway as the place we anchored had one of the two little sandy spots in the island. We dinghied around all the little islands around Turnbull and took in more of the spectacular scenery and clear waters. And got skunked by the fish, again. Although we did get to chat with a local who mentioned a few good places to anchor as we head East, you know, the secret places not on Active Captain…the real gems.
Then the winds shifted West and we found ourselves anchored between rocky shores on both sides sitting out 25-30kt winds in a veritable wind tunnel. A little nerve-wracking to say the least. So the next day we took off for Moiles Bay on John Island just a few miles away. I could get used to these 5-10 miles jumps between islands, a couple hours and you’re in another incredible location.
Speaking of incredible locations…Moiles Bay quickly jumped up to the top of my list. The anchorage offers great protection and even better scenery. We anchored with one other boat in the bay and about 30 minutes later they left. A bay all to ourselves? I’ll take it.
We did our usual perusing, checking out the shore but not being able to get too deep in the woods. Except this time Ron caught a fish and that night we had a fish dinner good enough to die for.
And then it happened…we saw a BEAR!! We were hanging out on the boat when Ron said quite casually, “bear”. I glanced up just in time to see him (the bear) running through the shallow waters connecting the point to the main island. Then just as fast as he came around the corner, he crossed the water, ran up the hill and was gone. Wow!
About 30 minutes later Ron spotted a great spot for a “cliff” jump claiming that he had to do it for my brother and our good friend who are always jumping off something crazy. And this little cliff? Yeah, it was less than 50yds from where we saw the bear cross, on the same (small) island we knew it was now on. Ron got up, did his jump then it was my turn. I climbed up slowly, listening intently for the sound of bear and waiting to meet him nose to nose. But I didn’t (shocker) and all was well. All except for the jump I had to make, it might just be me, but 15ft seems pretty excessive when you’re standing over water that just keeps going. It was way bigger than it looked from the water and after a good five minutes of delaying I took a big breath and may or may not have screamed a profanity all the way down. Good thing there was no one else there.

Even though we only stayed here one night, I would go back here in a heart beat…and recommend you do too. And don’t even think about putting something on Active Captain about how awesome it is ;)


  1. Cliff jumping is so fun - but scary, for sure! Glad you both seized the moment!

    1. Haha, "cliff" may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure was a rush!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Crazy about the bear.

    Mark and Ron have the same taste in jewelry. Also crazy.

  3. Beautiful pictures....thank you for sharing your adventure.

  4. I'm going to start following you two. Nice Blog !
    Matt and Jessica's Aunt Laurie