Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Caribbean or the Georgian Bay???

When we left the North Channel and started heading south through the Georgian Bay we thought we had already seen all the clear water we were going to see in Lake Huron, that the rest would gradually but surely reach that dirty, muddy color we know we're going to hit as we near Detroit. Boy were we wrong! Just look at these incredible (if I do say so myself) pictures we got from the Club Island anchorage of the Georgian Bay, just as clear as any Caribbean waters I've seen.

The history buff in me wishes I knew what/when these dock ruins were from. The only thing I found was from Ron's Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes book that indicated that these were old fishing docks of some sort, which makes sense, but I really wish I could find out how old they are. They don't look very old but the cold water tends to preserve things very well up here. 

The crystal clear, calm water of the anchorage made for fantastic dinghy and paddle board exploring and really got my imagination going. Ron thinks that's dorky. It is. 

Definitely up north with this view
Sigh...we're gonna miss water like this. At least for a while ;)

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