Monday, September 28, 2015

Don't Be Like Me

Gets kind of shallow here, especially at low tide. Don't go here.
I usually like to think that I have a pretty good sense of direction, despite some fairly regular evidence of the opposite.

So when we pulled up anchor the other day for a short jaunt I decided to just head out the way we've come and gone a couple times now. Except that it wasn't really  the same way. I wish I could blame it on the chartplotter being zoomed way in, but the truth is that I wasn't even looking at it. Pshhh, I don't need no stinking chartplotter!

The only difference was that before we'd gone around this little sandbar, but not this time, no siree. I was just eyeballing our way out and managed to wedge us right on the dumb thing. And just to be clear, there isn't actually any land sticking out of the water anymore thanks to Hurricane Sandy. I wasn't just driving toward land. That would be really dumb.

Ron got in the dinghy and we were able to reverse off it pretty easily. Now he just makes fun of me for yelling, "hey hunnnnnn, we're on bottom!". No harm, no foul???

Don't be like me. Learn how to drive.

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