Monday, September 14, 2015

Erie Canal Highlights

Leaving the Niagara River, entering the canal!
It seems like we were in the Erie Canal a lot longer than 10 days doesn't it?!? Well, it wasn't, but what is was was an experience! We really enjoyed the small towns and multiple free docks that we got to stop at but, honestly, my favorite stops were the ones we overnighted at the locks. We had big, grassy areas that Lexie could cut loose on that were private and peaceful (other than some train/traffic/cruise ship noise...which wasn't really that bad!) and FREE.
The towns were quaint, historic and filled with the nicest people offering their insider knowledge of the land. In fact, we were generally given so many pointers about where to eat or get ice cream (my favorite) that afterward Ron and I would look at each other and have no idea what was where. Was the ice cream place across the bridge or the really good breakfast place? But don't worry, we managed to find what we needed ;)

While there are plenty of people that transit the canal in less time, we decided to take the full 10 days of our pass in an effort to 1) see as much of the canal as possible, 2) get our money's worth from the fee (ha!) and 3) to keep from getting burnt out from motoring for hours on end day after day. And our plan worked pretty well, it wasn't until the last day or so that we started really itching to be done and then...boom we were done!

Instead of regaling you with every last detail of our trip, I'll save us both a lot of time (and me a lot of wracking my brain) and let the pictures do the talking - and stay tuned for a video of our Waterford Flight of Five transit.

Wouldn't this be even more of a sight
during peak fall colors??
Just a little engine work on the town wall in the rain
Lots of railroad bridges. And trains. For real.

Excited about his "throne"
Blue Herons around every corner
We went under this bridge with a train going over it.
Kind of creepy. And loud.
My favorite overnight stop. And I'm pretty sure Lexie's too.
Happy hour with friends
Always on the lookout for debris
Old aqueducts on the canal
Another lock stop. Also where the cruise ship came through.
Changing the anode to zinc for the saltwater
Lock 17: 40 ft drop (largest lock in the world)
Leaving lock 17. No swinging doors here but
we did get a refreshing shower from the lift gate!
One thing I wish that we could have done was check out more historical spots. There were parks on the canal with historical sites but the floating docks provided weren't big enough or deep enough for our boat and while in the towns it was so stinking hot that we really didn't have the desire to go take a hike and sweat any more than we already had all day long. Plus, we were stuck with the 10 day limit which meant that we had to keep moving every day too. Despite this, I'd still consider our Erie Canal transit a success and a very unique experience. So if you get the opportunity to check it out for yourself, take it!


  1. A little engine work? Yikes! Gasket replacement?

    1. We had our thermostat go out and ordered another one from Volvo. Except to get the new one to fit you had to grind down part of the metal at the bottom of the thermostat housing. Of course it didn't just sit in there like the old one ;)

  2. Ahh - figures, it couldn't be easy!