Friday, September 4, 2015


A lot of people think that all things boat related have to be expensive. Well, that might be true if you're independently wealthy and like to waste money but since we're not and we don't, we like to practical fixes when possible. And you know we're really good at keeping things classy, in the boatyard and elsewhere.

One such easy fix was the windshield reflector we deftly turned into four port reflectors (very clever, I know). You see, our large windows aren't tinted and are only covered with linen fabric shades that are probably original to the boat. The shades block some heat but not enough to keep the inside of the boat from cooking when the sun is strong. So instead of forking out money for new fabric or new curtains, we went the practical route.
$4 on clearance at Home Depot. Holla!
It even looks cooler doesn't it? Doesn't it?!?
Very NASA-chic. Definitely not trashy.
We landed on the moon!!!!
We only got four shades out of the original piece and have six ports but so far moving them around hasn't been an issue and the temp in the boat is noticeably more comfortable, just ask Lexie.


  1. Hey Guys, if you can collect any more bubble-wrap shades, try them on the top of the fridge/icebox. Keeps the cool in as well!

    1. Ha- you read my mind! Ron and I were just talking about doing that. Lately I've been moving our big wooden cutting board over the fridge when the sun is beating right through the companionway but I think the bubble wrap shade would be a lot better. Plus we need another for the rest of our ports anyway. Thanks for the reinforcement ;)