Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Staying Cool on the Erie Canal

How many dogs get ice water?
How many get ice water on a boat?
I kind of figured the Erie Canal would be a little warm this time of year. That hot/muggy August weather paired with being in a protected channel would surely make for some hot days, but I underestimated the hot box that is this canal. We had a couple sunny, dead calm days that almost hit 90 and let me tell you, those were long days. The kind where you just sit in your own sweat for hours and hours and can't even stand the thought of putting more greasy, hot sunscreen on so you risk burning. The kind where you fight over who drives because the best shade is behind the wheel.
Morning sun sneaking under our bimini/connector,
it's the afternoon sun you have to run from
The mast cradle blocks a good chunk of visibility, as you can imagine, so we put the dodger down to help see better but also to get more a what breeze there is into the cockpit. With the dodger down we couldn't put up the middle connector piece that gives us more shade and, because lately, shade = happiness, Ron rigged up a contraption to put up the connector without the dodger up. Let me tell you, it is magical!
But it's still hot...especially when you're dark...and a dog. This is where our anchor wash down bucket comes in handy even when we're not anchoring. The bucket has a couple holes in the bottom that make for a perfect cool down shower for Lexie and although at first she wasn't a real fan, as the heat continued she took to it pretty fast.  She just stood there in a trans as I let the water pour over her, and continued to stand there even when the bucket was empty. Of course I'd get another one and dump it on her until she was done. We can't have an overheated dog! Ron and I, sure, we can overheat over and over but not the dog. We have our limits you know.

So, while it's hot hot hot, we're surviving and adapting. My hope is that by the time we get to the islands we won't even notice the heat (and we'll have water we can swim in!). High hopes I know, but let's just go with it for now!


  1. Help for the humans. Go to Wallyworld or Target and buy spray bottles. Fill with water an a few cubes and mist yourself when you over heat. It really helps. But I got to add, being born/raised/lived in Texas, we just got a cool down. Only 97 today. Has been 106 for weeks. "Near 90?" Naw, that is near too cold to swim. Enjoying the ride along so much. Thanks for bringing us along. Ken

    1. Hi Ken. I can appreciate that 90 is not 106 however add in the humidity and it certainly feels pretty close! ;) Ron and I mentioned multiple times that we needed fans for us, it's on our list for our next trip to the store. I do like the idea of adding ice cubes too...genius!

  2. lucky puppy!
    In your opinion is the Erie Canal a scenic passage/destination (ICW) or a thruway (C&D Canal)?

    1. For us it was a thruway (we only had a 10 day pass) but I can see where if you had the time (and a seasonal pass) and planned stops in some of the historic towns that is would be more of a destination. Although the historic spots on the canal only had docks for smaller boats leaving us with either a long walk to see it or anchoring in the canal (hard to do with our mast cradle over the anchor and who knows what you'd snag!).