Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Two Weeks

We've been patiently waiting out weather in Sandy Hook, NJ for almost two weeks! Thankfully we're in a good, protected anchorage (ie. free!) with a nice beach and a couple towns somewhat nearby.

In order to keep our sanity we've been doing our best to try and make the most of our stay, finally completing tasks and projects that we've been waiting to do and getting out as much as possible.
Finally got that coat of Cetol on the exterior teak


Changed the oil and put the new alternator on the engine

Snorkeled for clams.
And threw them back once we found out we were in a restricted area. Darn.
Visited a nude don't want to see what was behind me when I took this picture.
Trust me.
Had a self-guided tour of a decommissioned army base on Sandy Hook 
Played with old ammo on the base
Finally got Ron to read!
And watched a lot of spectacular sunsets
But boy are our feet getting itchy, and our waterline is suffering the growth of sitting still for so long. It's time to go, and judging by the large influx of boats that just came into the anchorage, others are too! Now, the weather just needs to cooperate.

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  1. I've been following a number of our friends who live aboard, who sail north for the summer and are now heading back south. They are ALL stuck right now due to the weather, so if it's any consolation, you're not alone! But oh man, do I hear ya'! It's one thing to stay in one place because you love the area so much, quite another to be stuck there due to the weather conditions. And please stay abreast of Hurricane Joaquin as the current storm track shows it heading in your direction!