Friday, October 2, 2015

Buh Bye Sandy Hook!

One of many gorgeous sunsets we witnessed in Sandy Hook
We woke up Monday morning and had a little bit of a weather window to finally get South to Cape May. If we didn't leave now, we'd be stuck there for another week. We're not really on a schedule, but after being stuck for 2 weeks another week might have pushed us over the edge. After conferring with Mangoes, Marley and Mermaids, it was decided; we needed about an hour to get ready and then then we were making a break for it! Winds were supposed to be favorable but the swell was still kicked up from the previous days (and days and days...) of high winds.

I was a little nervous making our way out of the channel where swell and waves were mixed up but once we finally got out the swell, while pretty rolly, was manageable and regular. We settled in for what would be not only our first ocean passage but our first overnight passage as well and, in keeping with my theme of honesty, we were dreading this passage. I know, what kind of sailors don't like overnights or trips over 80 miles?? Well, us.

But we did it (and hope not to do it again- ha)! For the majority of the sail we had enough wind to keep a sail up to help stabilize the boat against the rolling seas, which only made the difference more obvious when the wind died out and we rocked from side to side . We had practice in identifying boat traffic by lights displayed and saw dolphins for the first time and were even ushered into Cape May by a pod feeding in front of the channel. Then we battled some massive current at the Cape May inlet that had boats gunning their engines and slipping sideways towards buoys and piers that provided a general feeling of mayhem...which led me to just hang on, shut up and let Ron drive us in, which he did quite well. We anchored just before 8am making our trip 21 hours from anchor up to anchor down. And I do have to say that Lexie did fantastic. She pretty much laid on her pile of blankets on the cockpit floor the whole time, which was the perfect place given the rolling we were doing and she once again proved that all our pre-passage stress and worry over her comfort and well-being were totally unnecessary.

Of course, having not slept all night (c'mon, who can really sleep on a rolly boat for 3 hours at a time?!?), we were exhausted. We tried laying down but never really got any sleep and pretty much wasted the rest of the day laying around and trying to decide what to do about this tropical storm called Joaquin...


  1. Sean Weeks @ gun lake miOctober 2, 2015 at 9:38 AM

    Hi guys . Thanks for the reply back. I will pic your brain latter on subject. Buy the way im still a couple of years out. But, way to go after all the disappointment.That is awesome to keep pushing threw ! Stay tuff and keep on checking that storm . always reading Sean

  2. Glad you made it! The passages will get easier - and nothing wrong with sleeping it off the next day. Be safe out there as Joaquin heads north.

  3. So glad we had the (tiny!) weather window and were able to move! If not, we'd have still been there!