Thursday, October 29, 2015

Check Ya Later Chesapeake

In case you're's still cold!! And good sailing weather does not equate to a warm, comfortable passage so I put on my layers upon layers and bury Lexie in a blanket as we keep pushing on South. This particular day we found ourselves making the long 57 mile slog from Deltaville to Norfolk, which also marked the end of our time in the Chesapeake Bay. With barely scratching the surface in our short time in the bay, it's easy to see how people spend years exploring all the nooks and crannies in the area, leaving us wishing we had some more time to spend here, especially along the quiet, rural East shore.
Nothing like a little hot soup in a cup on a cold, rocky and rolly day on the water
You know it's cold when Ron puts on a jacket
We had a bit of a brisk sail for a couple of hours then the wind both died and turned to be spot on our nose. In the usual fashion, we went from sailing to motor-sailing to just motoring in about an hour. But in this case neither of us really minded, miles are miles when you're trying to catch warm weather!
Coming into Norfolk
I've been told that these are the "small" aircraft carriers 
Hospital ship!
After a LONG day on the water these two ships' names had us hysterically laughing.
Don't ask me why...
We had planned to anchor at Hospital Point but got lucky and found space on the Portsmouth Free City Dock. It's a nice, but fixed, dock and we had to play around with getting our lines right to deal with the 4 foot tide here. Actually, it took Ron getting up multiple times in the night to check it out before he had a light bulb moment and figured out how to tie up without having to adjust the lines every couple of hours (the next morning of course).

In the morning Ron and Lexie had a slightly wet walk for the morning potty run.
After being on the move for the last few days it was so nice to spend a couple days with family near Norfolk. We had some fabulous food, watched jets take off over our heads, turned Ron into a tiara-wearing princess and a human jungle gym (thanks to Ady and Juliette!), visited Virginia Beach on a blustery day and spent hours and hours just catching up. After a couple months of new faces, it was a nice treat to see some familiar faces again.

With our family fix now satisfied, it was back on the road intracoastal waterway again, and this time we were tackling the Dismal Swamp. Sounds delightful right? As with any canal, a little bit goes a long way but there's no denying the scenery was pretty with flares of fall color starting to show and seeing that quintessential swampy North Carolina landscape. Someone told me that we didn't have to worry about alligators until we got to North Carolina so I was also on undercover (because Ron would laugh at me) gator-watching duty as well, naturally. None we spotted but I know there were some somewhere in there, sneaky little devils. 
In more locks. Although these people could learn a thing or two about
efficiency from the Erie Canal. Or maybe it's a southern thing ;)
Kind of a dismal day for the Dismal Swamp
~Is there anyone who didn't see that one coming?!?~
It may have been raining, but it was warm!!
Needs a little sprucing up
Not impressed with the scenery
Second (and last) lock.
We're noticing a slight but definite warming trend as we go and we're more than ready for it!


  1. Alligators are very timid. And they hide out and hibernate in the winter. If you're lucky, as you get further south, you may see a few basking in the sun. No different than the rest of us! But they will slide into the water to hide as soon as they feel threatened.
    Be brave! There's waaay more sharks than alligators. ;)

    1. I want to see one! Not really scared of them, just a little weirded out from the warnings we've gotten to not walk Lexie close to the water in the evening :/ I'll take a shark over an alligator any day though! ;)

  2. Neat pics, guys! I'm still following your journey!! Brrrrr, looks cold! Hopefully, you get to those Caribbean waters soon!