Monday, October 5, 2015

Dolphins on the Delaware!

Sailing on Delaware Bay!
We left Cape May after a windy and rainy night in the anchorage in search of a hole to hide out from one of a couple of nasty weather systems threatening the area, including (now) Hurricane Joaquin. Fortunately, the tides were with us the entire way and we made some serious miles getting through Delaware Bay and the C&D Canal and down into the Chesapeake. But, and maybe best of all, we were now out of NJ!!! Not that we didn't enjoy the state as a whole, it's just that I was beginning to think we'd never get out...and I could feel my hair getting bigger and that Jersey accent a little more evident with each passing day.

The highlight of the day, besides dodging all the crab pots of course, was the dolphin activity all around us. We'd seen a couple off the Jersey coast, but it didn't really compare to the regular and close activity in the Delaware, it almost made me forget the anxiety of trying to outrun weather...almost!
Dodging crab pots and spotting dolphins...could be worse
Sneaky little devils

After a long day we found ourselves tucked in nice and safe in a great location, protected from the wind and rain that was already here and Hurricane Joaquin should it head this way. Looking forward to a good couple of days of rest (and religious weather-watching)!

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