Friday, October 9, 2015

Funny How It All Works Out

Our anchorage in Weems Creek
I was having a moment of reflection the other day when lightning struck my brain (ouch). Sitting here in Annapolis, we were where we wanted to be when we wanted to be there, even after all that had happened while trying to get here. With the two weeks we spent in Sandy Hook and the (almost) one week we were in Worton Creek waiting out more weather, we still arrived in Annapolis on the very day we had hoped to get there.

Maybe our sense of timing is really that far off that our planning would get us somewhere THREE weeks early, but if we hadn't been held up - a couple times - we may have arrived too early, gotten bored and headed out before the boat show even started. That would have been a kicker.

The good news is that we weren't really stressed about getting locked in somewhere because we knew we had time, which is how I prefer it, and as it turns out the stress wouldn't have done a lick of good anyway, other than to give me a few more premature gray hairs, since our plans ended up working out. And how often do people get to say that? And on a boat???? Although maybe next time we'll give ourselves a little less time so the weather doesn't have to intervene quite so much!

So here we sit, comfortably anchored in a pretty, peaceful creek in Annapolis, ready to explore this sweet town and take in the sights, tastes (crab- duh) and experiences of this "drinking town with a sailing problem".

Funny how it all works out, huh?


  1. And it does always work out. Good job, guys. Continuing to enjoy reading about your trip south. Thanks for making the time to post. (I am sorely lacking in time to post...but manage to read posts over my non-negotiable coffee)
    Enjoy the show!

    1. Hi Jennifer- before you know it we'll be down in your neck of the woods (I hope) so when we get close, if you're still around, let me know, I'd love to get together :)

    2. We will be here! Great anchoring spot nearby. Just let me know!