Friday, October 16, 2015

Naval Academy Tour

Love the architectural details on Bancroft Hall
Since we got here I've been telling Ron that I wanted to take a tour of the Naval Academy, I mean, how can we come to Annapolis for the first time and not go there? That ain't right! And it's literally a block from the main drag in town, that's what I call easy access. I would have loved to have toured Westpoint (the Army's version of the Naval Academy - something I learned) as we passed by it but it didn't work out and now that we're here in Annapolis for a week or more I'm not missing this opportunity. It took a little convincing to get Ron to come along but for $10 each (which all goes to the Midshipmen Fund), we had a 2 hour tour with Jim and Chris, another couple from Michigan (they're everywhere!!) and a fantastic tour guide who also is a retired Naval physician.

I'm not even going to tell you how little I knew about the Naval Academy or the Navy as a military branch, it was embarrassing really.  But I sure know a lot more now, from how the Navy came to be to how it ended up having a goat as a mascot (kind of funny) to the many famous graduates of the Academy, I know just enough to be dangerous no longer be totally Naval-y naive.
Instructor's housing
The chapel dome behind the Superintendent's home
Part of Bancroft Hall, the country's largest dormitory
housing over 4000 midshipmen!
Noon formation, what a sight!

Naval Band closing out the noon formation
Bancroft Hall after the noon formation
French architecture on Bancroft Hall
Main entrance to Bancroft Hall
Pretty fancy dorms!

All these sights, and then the camera dies. Wuh wahhhhh. So ticked. The pictures may have stopped but I assure you, the tour continued, and I loved every history-filled minute!

I am so glad we did the tour, and Ron actually enjoyed it too, which is really impressive! I would highly recommend the Academy tour to anyone visiting Annapolis.

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