Monday, November 23, 2015

It's BEAU(fort) Again

We made it to Beaufort...again! And it's just as fabulous as Beaufort was the last time (in case you don't remember; this one is Byoo-fort, the last one was Bo-fort). And just like in North Carolina, this little South Carolinian town is jam packed with history - yay for me, yawn for Ron.
How awesome are these massive, moss-covered trees?!?
Creepy but spectacular

Love love love
Saw our first orange tree!
A little sad I didn't grab one quick
Lots of southern landscape!
And 1 special guy...
We stumbled into the visitor center, which happened to be located in an old Spanish style armory - how awesome is that?!? Did I get pictures of this awesomeness? Of course not, just trust me, it was cool. After looking around the visitor center, which looked more like a real estate office promoting surrounding condo, golf and yachting communities, we tried sneaking out before getting entrapped in a lengthy spiel from enthusiastic employees. Just steps from the door we were called over to the counter...oh great. And I'm so glad they caught us, they were two of the most friendly and genuine people we've met yet, asking questions about us, our trip and our plans and giving us the highlights of what to see and providing a map of how to get there. I could have stayed and listened to these ladies talk about the history of the town forever, they certainly knew their stuff to say the least. My kind of history nerds people. But we had places to see so off we went.
The oldest home in Beaufort. 1750
You don't have to trim trees around here, just put a sign up!
I think 10'9" is plenty of clearance
A house from some movie. I don't know which one.
In his dreams...
The Forest Gump house. 
We had a fantastic day checking out this place. While meandering around we managed to poke around in a couple shops, get our chocolate fill at The Chocolate Tree and finished off the afternoon with quite possibly the best homemade peach cobbler I've ever had. This was a day for the books! Beaufort, you did not disappoint. Thank you.


  1. Hi Guys,

    Be sure to plan to stay a little while in:

    Cumberland Island GA - It is a state park and has no population. Great hiking and beaches. You can anchor behind the island in hard mud and sand.

    Fernandina Beach FL - Very nice historic down town. Good restaurants and very cool fort.

    St Augustine FL - Perhaps the most picturesque town on the ICW. Mooring Buoy is only $120 per week. Plan on being here at least a week to take in the sites. The distillery, winery and St George Street is a must. Lots of great inexpensive restaurants bars. There is a cruiser's shuttle for $5 that will take you to stores in the area for provisioning. City offers shuttle boat to and from your boat (or take your dinghy)

    Hope to catch you in "the islands" someday. Safe travels!

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

    1. Thanks for all the info! You know I love my historic towns :) We'll definitely be spending time on Cumberland Island and in St. Augustine.