Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Resting Up In Oriental

Sunset just off the Alligator River
After almost a week of long days motoring through rivers and canals we needed a break! And Oriental was just the place to take one. We've had three solid (and I mean solid) days of dreary rain, which gave us the perfect excuse to stay put for a days, and the cute little town and plethora of other cruisers here made it an easy call.

We spent a few nights anchored out and managed to snag a highly coveted spot at the free dock when we came in to get some fuel.

And what a great little town this is! And the people couldn't be any nicer. We walked the mile to the grocery store (in the pouring rain) and were given a ride back to the dinghy dock. The next day while walking to refill our propane tanks, about a half mile walk, we were offered rides by no less than three people. Nicest people ever. Add in the cute coffee shop and numerous marine stores and this was one sweet little stop!
North Carolina scenery
Another canal, another day
Passing the time
Ron helping a 49ft Hylas get off the ground
Free bikes! WITH baskets, grocery store here we come...again!
Cute house, complete with gas lamps.
We planned to go here...guess we're going to Walmart. Thanks Walmart.
The Bean coffee shop, view from the free dock.


  1. Just wondering how the canals in the ICW compare to going through the Erie Canal?

    1. One word: SLOWER. Getting through a lock took us almost an hour once they get everyone in. You have to supply your own line then you give the lockmaster the lines to loop around a cleat...he does this for every boat. Just be patient ;) Otherwise it's only and 8ft elevation change...easy peasy!