Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sorry Mom, I'm Moving to Southport

What is it with all these quaint, idyllic little coastal towns?!? Seriously, they're making it hard to not just leave and continue on the trip but making it more difficult to choose where we land afterward. I knew we'd find some places like this, and finding these places was what I was looking forward to the most, but what I didn't anticipate was the possibility that every place would be this ridiculously charming. Everywhere I look I'm inundated with the cutest, meticulously maintained historical homes, museums and buildings that somehow fill up the memory card on the camera before I even know what happened, my ears take in that slow southern drawl that repeatedly greets us as we walk through the town and the wheels start turning in my mind...

Oriental, Beaufort, Southport, I think I've told Ron, "I could live here" after pretty much every place we've stopped in the Carolinas...I just can't help it. I got it bad, it's like a fever I tell you and I think the only cure is spending some real time here (Don't worry Mom, you can come too!).

It pains me to put this picture up. Going down the intracoastal, we had dolphins jumping right next to the boat, following us for a good few minutes. They were jumping just a few feet away from where I was standing right here...so close I probably could have (precariously) reached out and touched them. So what happens when I finally get the idea to get my camera? ......Oh, yeah, they up and disappear, breaking my heart and shattering my dreams.
One day. I just want to be my dog for one day.
I got a little snap happy with the camera during our little stroll through Southport...I just couldn't help it!

I'm in trouble here!

How perfectly Mayberry is this?!?
Any town with streets dead-ending at the water is A-okay with me

If you've ever watched any of Nicholas Sparks' million romantic flicks adapted from his books, then you've likely seen many of the places just like Southport that are the gems of the Carolinas. And that, as embarrassing as it is to admit, just makes these places that much more appealing to me. Ron on the other hand really couldn't care less. But who asked him anyway ;)
Anyone seen this movie?
'Cause it was filmed here.
Any anywhere Josh Duhamel has been is fine by me.
The house from the movie...just for you Britt!

Somewhat begrudgingly (for me), we push on. Afterall, we're on the search for blue water and warm weather for a while, but don't think magic little places like this are getting pushed too far back in my mind. We'll be back one day.

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