Friday, December 11, 2015

Bathing On A Boat...Or Not

Showering in water so cold it takes your breath away is no fun.
Now I just pass on it all together...and the water here is no where near as cold.
I'm getting soft with my cruising age.
At home I showered everyday (shocker, right?). We had lots of hot water, a fabulous walk-in shower and, well, showering daily is just what you do. On land.

On the boat showering happens more on a necessity based occurrence because a) we have limited amounts of water on board and try to be conservative with its use b) we seldom have access to showers on shore and c) sometimes it's just too darn cold out! Now, I'm not one of those cruisers who pines away for unlimited, hot water showers, for the most part our solar shower does just fine by me - especially when we add some hot water to it - but there are times when I just can't make myself go out in the cold/wind and shower. Nope, sometimes you just have to add another layer of clothing and hope the next warm weather wave isn't too far off.

Remember the time I went 4 days without showering? Ron does.

If it's not too crazy cold, and I can get out of the wind in the cockpit, I sit on the floor and hang the shower over the boom and get in a quick scrub. And if that's not happening there's always the magic of dry shampoo, a must have on any boat I assure you!

Don't leave home without it
Sure, when we get into warmer weather with water we can actually enjoy, we'll just jump in and suds up with a quick freshwater rinse and be good to go, but until then hygiene can be a little hit and miss. Just part of the glamour of traveling down the East Coast in the winter at 5mph.

At least I can shave in the boat when I want to, even if it's too cold to shower up on deck. I'm not saying I actually do it, but I do have the option, however underutilized it is.
At least Ron can cut his own hair, no dreds for him!

Now who wants to come visit?!?!


  1. Baby wipes. They work great for those long stretches of cold or if fresh water is getting a little short. Ken

  2. Oh, memories! I used to boil a pot of water and sponge bath it when I was too far gone and it was too damn cold out.