Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Boat Break

A little sidewalk art at Sharkey's in Venice, FL
Since we moved onto the boat on June 22nd we have not spent a night off the boat. Not until last week that is. With mooring balls being pretty cheap in St. Augustine ($120/wk) we decided now was the perfect time to rent a car, drive across the state and see some of our long lost favorite people. And that's just what we did!

Our first stop was at Venice Beach. It's always good to see familiar faces but seeing these two again was just the best (as always)! Although our visit was short, just overnight, we packed in plenty- the best shrimp tacos I've ever had, walks on the beach, fishing, buying fishing gear (weird I know), being gifted fishing gear by our hosts (I saw this one coming Mike!), visiting Sharkey's and the jetty and catching up on 7 months worth of life. In one word: Priceless.

As is usual with anything, the highlight was something totally unplanned and pretty random. While out taking in the sights, we happened upon a practice session of the Gulf Coast Banjo Society...random right? We were so entertained watching the members playing and taking turns singing various World War II era (some highly un- PC) songs that we just had to grab a seat, get a pitcher of beer (I don't care what you say, 11am is not too early for beer) and be transported back to the sound of the roaring 40s. It was fantastic, a sight and sound I won't soon forget.
The average age of the group had to be hovering around 85
11am whaaaaat???
Next we headed up to the Tampa area to spend a few days with some close friends.

Don't tell me you'd miss the chance to smell manatee breath
That's smells like patchouli oil.
Maybe there's something I don't know about manatees...
Of course we also had to go to Ybor as Ron hasn't been to the Tampa Bay Brewing Company. Favorites of the day; Elephant foot and Reef Donkey. Sounds delish, no? I stuck with my usual blonde ale (one of my favorites).

Cigar shop where the rollers roll old school
After five straight months on the boat we needed a little boat break. Sure, I may have woken up several times feeling like the bed was gently bobbing in the water, and kind of missing it, but it was nice to live the easy life on land, if only for a week, for a change. And it sounds like we couldn't have chosen a better week to skee-dadle outta here either, we heard from several people that it was nothing but rain and nasty wind making the anchorage pretty miserable. I love it when a plan just works out all around!

Now that we're back on the boat we're anxiously awaiting our severely overdue reunion with Jim and Chris on Radio Waves, whom we haven't seen for eons since Maryland, and working on some projects to make living in warmer weather more comfortable


  1. I helped crew a sailboat in May/June from BVI to The Azores via Bermuda and slept on the boat for five weeks. When I got home and was in bed I got up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break. When I first stood up the room was wobbling so much I thought there was an earthquake or the building was collapsing! Took me a couple of weeks for all boat moving sensation to wear off :-)

  2. What's the manatee place called? I'm sure my middlest daughter would love it.

    1. Hi Kevin! It's at the TECO power plant manatee viewing center ( it's free! Here's a link to a live webcam too:

      We saw a bunch of manatees, sharks, tarpin, bait fish...I could have spent hours just watching all the action! The educational center is pretty neat too.

  3. Awww! We've been missing you like crazy and are so glad we finally caught up with you guys! Soooo good to see you two and Lexie again! Looking forward to spending more time hanging with you!