Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's (Almost) Christmas Time With Jord

Men's Dover Series Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood
Ely Series Red Sandalwood
It pays to have good friends. Thanks to Jessica over at MJ Sailing, we were contacted by the Jord Wood Watches asking if we would be interested in checking out some of their wood watches. If you haven't noticed, we tend to not get into the sponsorship game much, we tend to review products that we decided to buy on our own without ties to the manufacturers and so I didn't really plan on participating.

Actually, a couple of emails went ignored and it wasn't until Ron saw one of them that he decided to go to their website and check it out. And almost immediately he decided that we should do it. A few more emails back and forth, figuring out shipping, choosing designs and sizes and we had a couple of sharp watches sitting on our wrists, real classy like.

These things are pretty sweet, the rich wood colors, the simple, sleek design of the women's style and the intricate, industrial facets into the workings on the men's style gives the watches a modern, upscale look that, quite frankly, is a step or two above our general level of class. Hey, sometimes it's nice to pretend you belong, what can I say?!?

Yes they're wood, yes we're on a boat. Is that an issue? Maybe. We'll be subjecting them to water as little as possible because while the watches are stylish and comfortable they are not water proof (only splash proof). We have plenty of other items on the boat that are not water proof (or even splash proof for that matter) that have survived just fine, so I imagine these will still fair quite well too.

Hands down our favorite feature of these watches is the self winding automatic drive system (ie. they need NO battery). Yup, no more leaving it on a shelf for months at a time trying to remember to get a new battery put in somewhere.  I hate when that happens. And if you're anything like Ron, it takes about .5 seconds for you to scratch the face of a watch (true story), but we don't have to worry about that so much now because his Jord watch was made with sapphire crystal glass, more durable than the standard glass. Necessary for Ron...on a boat? You bet.

These are the perfect accessories to class up a cruiser's wardrobe and we're really enjoying wearing these while out and about.

"Hand crafted watches that tell a story" indeed, so if you're still looking for that one last hard-to-buy-for person, this is an easy way to get them crossed off your list!

Mens Wooden Watches

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