Friday, December 4, 2015

Playing Tourist in St. Augustine

St. Augustine, with all its varied architecture from various periods of time, lush landscaping and sunny blue skies, is a real dose of eye candy. We really lucked out when we were offered a pair of free trolley tickets from  a nice couple who assumed, I'm guessing from our flip flop and backpack attire, that we were on vacation. Something that we wouldn't have paid for ourselves. This little gift was a fantastic way to see the city and learn about the sights in an entertaining way, even Ron liked it, but that could be because we got off at the St. Augustine Distillery for a free tour, sample drinks and a few bottles of booze for our dwindling supplies on board.
Man craft stores: the latest craze in St. Augustine
Such a pretty town
The oldest school house in the US

Tree fort bar!

Psyched to be on the trolley
The oldest house in town

Protestant Cemetary: 25-30 people burried under each
headstone from to a malaria outbreak
The old city gate

The St. Augustine Distillery was quite the place, housed in an old ice plant they use only American goods, from the barrels made in Kentucky to the hand harvested sugar cane from Florida, this place is a seriously local business with some serious spirits! And a fantastic (free) tour too!

Most of the time we like to get off the beaten path and go where the masses tend to miss, but this time playing tourist was just what we needed and it was all thanks to the kindness of strangers. 

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  1. Jeff Glenny here, Looks like you are doing great! If you two feel like a meal off the boat check out the Gourmet Hut Walking distance from the main downtown area! We had a fantastic meal here a couple of years ago and I see they are still cranking out great dishes!