Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Oh The Luxuries Of Land!

Missing the palm trees up here in the north
After living on a boat for six months, you get so used to the lifestyle, and all the idiosyncrasies that it includes, that you tend to forget that your boat-related life is just a little different than those living on dirt. Until you spend time back on land and remember them all.

Flushing toilets - Yay! No more manually pumping water in and out of the head. And no more having to fully wake up just to flush in the middle of the night on one of my (sometimes) multiple trips to the bathroom at night (Hey, I like to keep hydrated). Sure, we used 'regular' toilets when we were on shore, but to be able use them all the time is a real bonus. Say goodbye to flushing hand calluses!

Getting out of bed - Sure, we commandeered my mom's queen size bed and relinquished her to the twin in the guest room with our surprise arrival but I have to say; being able to just toss my legs over the side of the bed and stand up is awesome. On the boat we sleep in the v-berth with our feet forward and in order to get out of bed I have to, quite literally, crab crawl over Ron's and (usually) Lexie's heads, hang on to something, make the step down and try not to fall on my face all while being half awake with half asleep muscles. It's not pretty. But now I can take a midnight bathroom break and be back in bed without even remembering it in the morning. No gymnastics, no risk of physical harm and I don't need to wear a helmet to get out of bed. Sorry Mom, we're keeping the bed!
Enjoying the view in Southport, NC
Being mobile - Thanks to a good friend who was good enough to loan us their vehicle while home we are on the move! No more having to hoof it everywhere, which is especially nice when you're in rural Michigan. No more walking a mile or two to a store and schlepping our purchases back in our backpack and arms. And with gas being as cheap as we've seen in a long time, we are seriously mobile with a new lease on life!

Enjoying storms -I love a good storm...on land. On the boat it's another story. I usually have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed in hopes of fair weather. Call me crazy but I just can't seem to relax on the boat when there are storms afoot. The wind, the rain, the waves all keep me on edge, although I have gotten much better in the last few months, I still like my nice weather. On land it's a little different. Last night I laid in bed relaxing listening to the 45 mph winds howl outside and loved every minute of it. On the boat the story would have been different...I would have gotten about 15 minutes of sleep and been sporting some nice bags under my eyes by morning. What I wouldn't give for a good thunder storm (while we're on land).
Showering - Okay, yes, I said that I didn't really miss hot showers that much while on the boat. And that was true. BUT now that we're back in the land of the deep freeze, I am loving hot showers again. A ridiculous amount. And the fact that I can take one whenever I want (like daily) means that we're smelling like roses over here, which hasn't always been the case!

Shopping - It has been forever since either of us has gone non-grocery, non-boat part shopping. But when you find yourself in Michigan in the middle of the winter with nothing but leggings, shorts and tank tops you have no choice, shopping is required. And the necessity of it only makes it that much more guilt-free.

Don't get me wrong, I've still got a case of boat withdrawals and miss her terribly, but our time on land does have its perks!


  1. Hey, maybe you should get a Winnebago next! A Land Yacht :)

  2. Don't you go enjoying that land life too much now. ;)