Thursday, March 31, 2016

Feeling Funky

Remember us?!?
Hi friends! It's been a while, huh? Sorry, but when you're not doing anything worth writing about you just don't write. And if I'm being honest, I was in a bit of a funk; happy to be home seeing friends and family but also really missing boat life and our boat friends. Especially when they all started crossing to the Bahamas. Bastards. And you know I say that with nothing but love!

Then Ron left a few weeks ago to do some diving work in Iowa. Iowa?!? Yes, Iowa. They have this river called the Mississippi which also has a nuke plant on it.

Nuke plant + water = Ron working = INCOME (what?!?)

In case anyone's curious what Ron looks like at work
Totally "Rawrrrrr" I right?!?
Haha, had a lot of questions about that! Anyway, after spending almost 24/7 together for the last 10 months, him being gone was...well...just weird. Helloooo funk. It's weird how deep-seated the feeling of being used to having that one person around to annoy you all.the.time can get in such a short amount of time. For real. Most people were astonished that our marriage survived living on a boat like we did but I would argue that, after him traveling so much prior to us leaving, living on the boat was good for our marriage, even great. But then I think we started out with a pretty good foundation:

As for me, I've been diving headlong into the job search. Had a few interviews and an offer but I'm still looking for that something special. The good news is that I've got a couple options I'm working on that will fit the bill and, if everything works out, I'll be back to work (and LOVING it) soon!

We'll also be moving back into our house on May 1st. Things are coming together around here. Now we just need to save up to ship Hullabaloo back to us and wait for the nice weather to get back out on the water!! Life ain't right without a little Hullabaloo!


  1. Hey Jackie call me at the office or e-mail me if I can help. I put your name in at Spectrum's Healthy Futures - It would be perfect for you if something comes up! RT

  2. Is your boat in Wilmington NC?

    1. No, it's in Indiantown FL. And we're hopefully getting her shipped home in the next few weeks!

  3. I miss you guys. A lot.

    How is life? Did you find a job? What are you up to?

    Let's be pen pals, cause I miss you guys like crazy.

    Love, Ashley Breanna in Minnesota

    1. Hi Ashley! So nice to know someone misses us! ;)

      Life is life, I really miss the boat and cruising but Ron is pretty happy to have an income again! I really haven't even had the desire to write posts or even check the blog until just now. But I think I'll start to get back into it...not that it will have anything sailing related any time soon :( And yes, let's be pen pals!! I still check out facebook page on a fairly regular basis! Thanks for checking in, what's new with you?!?