Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Good News, It's Sucking Less These Days!

Hiking in Idaho
Two years. TWO YEARS. TwO YeArS. Yeah, it was two years ago that we left for our cruise. Whoah. We were only 'officially' gone for 7 months, I shouldn't still be in the fog of returning to land life, but in some ways I think I am. Or maybe I'm in that weird in-between where we don't really have a short term goal in mind at this time...we're just working and paying stuff off. And you know how much I like doing that...usually, but it doesn't seem to have the same luster, lure or excitement that having some pending, life-altering experience on the horizon has. Go figure.

So I think this fog...haze...whateveryouwannacallit is more of a frustration of the stagnant kind. I want more adventures and more travel, but of a different kind this time. The kind that takes me to the Lobster Festival in Maine, the Redwoods in California, the great wilderness of Canada...just  get me out there again! Although not in any kind of a semi-permanent-ness like cruising, but in the same basic lifestyle that keeps me close to nature, keeps me feeling small (obviously in a good way!). We're working on it.

So what have we been up to?

We went to Idaho for my brother's wedding and made a vacation out of of our best I would have to say. We jam packed that sucker with tons of adventure and fun.

Ron fulfilled his life long dream of shooting
squirrels out of a doggie door. Dog not impressed.
We also did some mountain biking in the foothills. 2 days before the wedding. I fell :/ At least my dress was long. For once Ron has all the pictures...I was trying not to fly off the edge of the tail. We couldn't walk out of there without one of these to remember the trip by:
Image here:

We did some whitewater rafting on the
Salmon River

Just don't drink the water!

We hiked to some absolutely FABULOUS places!
We even got talked into horseback riding...thanks Angie!
Then we came home and picked up this little pip squeak who has since kept us nice and busy.
She may need to grow into Lexie's
life jacket

The best way to tire out a rambunctious puppy

Can't take the cuteness

And the partridge training has begun...too bad she can't even see over the vegetation yet. And that Ron got poison ivy from them. Not the first time, definitely won't be the last...he's so sensitive ;)

Luckily, this summer has done a pretty good job of fulfilling this need. We've been pretty dang busy! Well, busy in the non-boating world. With a late launch date this year, hello end of June, travel, family functions and the puppy we've managed to get out on the boat twice this summer. Dismal. And when we get out on the boat we don't have the time and/or weather to take a trip of any sorts. Needless to say this too is leaving me with a feeling of stagnicity...blech.

At least it's not just me. Thankfully Ron too is feeling this irritation, now we can commiserate, plot and plan together...let's see where it gets us this time around ;)

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  1. If you haven't been to Isle Royale yet look into it. Just got back and we loved it. Haven't posted pics yet as we are still spotty with internet. But, again a great trip!